Create an interactive infographic of your resume with ResumUP

I have already tormented my brain on it – occasionally upon request – that age-old resume. How can we end this endlessly series of boring printouts with even more boring enumerations of (if you are lucky) hopefully less boring facts? In the last few years, we are seeing an increasing number of exciting variations, but I have not come across one as good as ResumUP!

Besides providing insight into your current resume, ResumUP also offers algorithms that help you plan your career. Among other things, the tool shows you which steps you must take to realize your objective, which skills you need to learn and which people from your social circle you can approach for advice — based on their resume!

The Russian company still has its public platform in a public beta, but you can already register for an interactive resume. You will find more in-depth info in this article that was previously published on The Next Web!