Finally, you can download your entire Twitter history


We have had to wait almost 5 years for it, but finally long-standing Twitter users can now download their entire Twitter history. Until now, only our last 3,200 tweets could be viewed at Users who shared their joys and sorrows since the earliest days back in 2007 on this popular micro blog lost a piece of their history on the site every day.

For ages now Twitter has speculated that the tweets would be made available again for all users in the future. Many people thought this might become the long awaited business model of the service, since many long-standing users appear more than willing to pay for their tweeting history. However, for the time being you can download your Twitter archive for free.

Unfortunately, the feature is not available to all Twitter users yet. It will be rolled-out in phases. Users will receive an email in which they are informed of the possibility to download all their tweets via a link on their Settings page. The download comprises a ZIP file containing HTML and CSV files. You can thus view tweets through a special web interface or export them to other applications.