Create your personal Twitter annual overview for 2012


Way before the mob did, social platform Twitter published the annual overview for 2012. The American company – frequently used as an example of “the (2 of the) 3 Vs of Big Data” – frequently made the headlines this year as well. From revolutions to golden medals. However, you can also view your personal year! You can look back on your year in tweets for an in-depth analysis!

In the past few years, Twitter has made it a habit to write a blog post at the end of the year with dizzying statistics, followed by even more dizzying statistics. This year the team has approached things in a clearly different way: an attractive introduction video and a cool interactive landing page:

However, the personal breakdown that Twitter offers in collaboration with the boys from Vizify is far more cooler. Which topics did you discuss the most and which hash tags were your clear favorites? Another perk: which tweet eventually resulted in the most responses in terms of replies, re-tweets or new followers and which follower is your most loyal Twitter buddy?


Incidentally, it is not possible to go back more than 3,200 tweets in time. For me personally, this resulted in an overview from the end of January until the end of 2012, but if you are a diehard chances are you will only be able to peek back a few months. For non-English users there is a lot of static anyway, since frequently used Dutch words such as “het”, “maar” and “van” are not filtered. Oh well, at least I now know what my favorite hash tag has been in the past year ha ha…