Women prefer Twitter and Facebook, men Google+ and LinkedIn

w680-1Check the infographic below for a bunch of fun facts. It is the result of various studies into social media usage among American men and women. InternetServiceProviders.org compiled the most interesting findings from studies by organizations such as, Pew Research and The New York Times, and created a data visualization focusing on the battle of the sexes. In other words, how do men and women differ in their use of social media?

One of the findings is that women seem to be greater social media users than men. Over 71% of women have ‘a social media account’, as opposed to just 62% of men. Another striking observation is that women dominate the Twitter space. Over 62% of all Twitterers are female. This percentage lies at 58% for Facebook, and at 70% for Pinterest. So it is definitely far removed from the 99% mark, as people often claim.

The three major social networks on which more men than women seem to be represented, are Google+ (64% of users are male), YouTube and LinkedIn (men have a slight majority of 54% on both). You will find more fun facts on the social media differences between men and women below: