IBM’s Watson has finished studying medicine and now focuses on customer service

The life of a super computer is full of surprises. After IBM’s Watson beat everybody at Jeopardy without flinching as much as a processor, it recently obtained its PhD in medicine. So it started looking for a new challenge, and strangely enough, opted for customer service.

watson_new_appsThe super computer that is able to draw up a reliable personalized cancer treatment is now making a highly interesting career switch by focusing on customer service. For the first time, IBM will actually offer Watson’s capabilities as a service to the business community.

Yesterday, IBM introduced the “Watson Engagement Advisor”, a service that is to help consumer brands provide customers with improved advice and support on a major scale.

Watson’s unique capacity to uncover insights from Big Data by simply posing a question in natural language is incredibly powerful. Using Watson, we will explore the ways we can help agencies and their client brands more effectively engage with consumers across devices and improve the impact of their advertising and media plans.

The comparison with Siri is easily made. However, the difference is that Siri runs on a smartphone, while IBM’s latest service allows customers to embed a personal assistant in the website or app of their individual brands. How this will work out is something the US bank AZN will experience in the coming months, being the launch customer of IBM’s Watson Engagement Advisor.

You will find more information in the infographic below.