The W/Me bracelet analyzes your heart rate and respiration — and helps you locate your smartphone


It looks like wearables are becoming a tad smarter with every new wave. A case in point is the Kickstarter project W/Me, a smart bracelet that does not focus so much on your (sports) activities, but aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health status.

The most important (as well as striking) component of the W/Me bracelet is the light sensor located at the top of the device. It is capable of measuring your heart rate and blood oxygen levels as well as analyzing your respiration patterns. In combination with the matching app it subsequently offers you exercises that help improve your breathing.


What distinguishes the W/Me bracelet from other wearables, is precisely this starting point. The bracelet and app strongly focus on your respiration, and as a product of that, your mental health. Based on your scores, the app provides you with insight into the way you cope with stress rather than telling you to walk more steps.

To me personally, the main deal-breaker is the way in which the W/Me has to be worn and used. It does not provide any autonomous measurements; you have to consciously measure things yourself. In other words, the bracelet expects a certain behavioral change from its user. This means you will have to get used to performing measurements during stressful moments or, conversely, when you find yourself in a state of complete relaxation. This presents a threshold issue that really should have been obsolete by now.

The W/Me bracelet can now be ordered via Kickstarter. The device is expected to see its market introduction as early as August of this year. The question is whether the smart bracelet, which retails at $169, sufficiently distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack. Who knows — the possibility to locate your misplaced smartphone using the bracelet might just give it the competitive edge it needs!