Hi-tech teddy bear to help children growing up with diabetes

jerry_the_bear_diabetesWearables, smartwatches, sensors and… teddy bears. Not so long ago, we wrote about Build-a-Bear’s move to equip toy bears with new technology, and now the U.S. outfit Sproutel is taking things one step further. Their cuddly bear Jerry is to teach children with type 1 diabetes to cope with their illness and help make them medically independent sooner.

Jerry is anything but a regular teddy bear. It has been equipped with a backpack chockfull of nutritional tips and loads of sensors to help children gain insight into their affliction. The bear also tells them which types of food are good and bad. The teddy bear also requires ‘insulin’, which can be injected via his leg. Plus Jerry asks for food at regular intervals.

Jerry teaches how to recognize when blood glucose levels are too high or too low and the importance of eating a healthy diet. We’ve tested Jerry with more than 150 kids, and they all loved him. We’re in negotiations with medical distributors and pharmaceutical companies to market our products.

A fantastic combination of technology and toy, if you ask me. The first Jerries are set to roll off the conveyor belt in the next month and make it to American shops.

Quickly after Jerry’s launch, Sproutel intends to leverage its newly acquired funds to design toys for children suffering from asthma or obesity.