Yelp takes on Foursquare and launches a new discovery feature

yelp-As the New York-based Foursquare is attempting to leave the days of gamification, mayorships and badges behind it and gradually transform itself into your go-to location, its competitor Yelp is striking back with new designs and a brand new discovery feature that is suspiciously similar to Foursquare’s ‘Explore’.

Yelp’s new updates for iOS has quite a substantial make-over in store for its users. All pages have been completely redesigned. The ‘Events’ and ’Nearby’ pages are the most striking in this respect.

The latter page is particularly striking. The new ‘Nearby’ page shows the most relevant locations based on information, such as your current whereabouts, your last check-ins and reviews, but also reviews and recommendations by your friends. In doing so, it becomes uncomfortably close to Foursquare’s ‘Explore’ feature.

However, Yelp’s algorithm goes one step further, adding the time of day, the current weather and a weather forecast. This means the service can offer you a restaurant with a terrace if you are interested in a sunny lunch.

The new version of Yelp for the iPhone can be downloaded now. According to the U.S. platform, an Android version is to follow soon, although it has not mentioned an exact release date.