Science Lab to unite scientists and web developers

20-laboratory-test-tubes-in-science-research-lab-olivier-l-studioScience and technological development. Sometimes the two seem like two completely separate highways. Start-ups and web developers are building an increasing number of apps, services and products in the hope to provide solutions to daily problems, whereas scientific researchers are capable of achieving breakthrough results, but lack the tools and techniques to collect and process data on a big scale.

In short, if the two would work together a bit more often, this may result in a golden combination. For this reason, Mozilla recently launched a Science Lab that is specially designed to bridge the gap between general science and computer science. Under the supervision of Lab director Kaitlin Thaney, an initial project is launched for scientists active in the areas of technology and development.

Currently, the program mainly focuses on introducing academics to the possibilities of the web, e.g. to increase the population of test subjects, to freely link available data sets, to program and process data and, more generally, to improve existing research techniques. It is as yet unknown whether the program will also organize programs that lets web developers learn how to handle data in a scientifically sound way.