Automatically plan your activities according to the weather

foresee1-540x367Schoes, check. Activity tracker, check. Spotify, check. Off for a run. Darn, the rain is bucketing down. As it has been the entire weekend. Oh well, back to the couch. Netflix, check…

We are still unable to change the weather. However, being the technologically emancipated Homo sapiens that we are, we can fortunately use apps to handle the weather more intelligently. Enter: Foresee.

Foresee is an ‘activity forecaster’, offering you tips for activities based on the weather conditions. This means you no longer have to worry about the right time to mow the lawn or to go mountain biking with your pals. Foresee does all the ‘hard work’ for you.

Currently, the app does all this in a still relatively basic way. Although you can completely personalize the circumstances under which you would like to perform these activities, a concept like this just begs for integration with calendars, real-time weather notifications and more.

Concept, check. Execution, work in progress…

Foresee can now be downloaded at a price of €0.89.