A navigation system around your arm: TomTom also launches a smartwatch

tomtom_watches_runningLately, a growing number of electronics manufacturers have launched a smartwatch, so the wait was for one by navigation giant TomTom. Last January, the company already announced the introduction of its Runner and Multi-Sport watches, and today they finally go to market in the United States.

The Runner is a smartwatch that is also suitable for indoor use. Just like a Fitbit, it counts your steps to determine your speed. This means you can also use it on the conveyor belt in the gym without any problem. Of course, the device has also been equipped with a GPS receiver so outdoor joggers can immediately map their runs and directly see how far they still have to go.

Both devices are waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, have a battery life of 10 hours and feature an extra large display, allowing you to directly view your training results. If you are near your desktop, you can directly synch your data with your TomTom MySports profile or Runkeeper account. Via a Bluetooth connection with your heart rate monitor, you can also keep track of your pulse on your smartwatch.

In addition to all the above features, the TomTom Multi-Sport offers a bike attachment, an integrated altitude meter and a cadence sensor, making the device better suited to other sports besides running.

The TomTom Runner will retail at USD 170 in the United States; the Multi-Sport will set you back USD 200. It is as yet unknown when both devices will be launched on the Dutch market.