Stadtbilder: there is art to your Foursquare check-ins

stadtbilderWe often present you with cool tools that allow you to create magic from your Foursquare check-ins. In many cases these are web applications, but how about a classic offline experience? The hotspots of your favorite city as an art object on your wall — Stadtbilder makes it possible.

The person responsible for Stadtbilder’s creative work is Moritz Stefaner. It comprises high-quality print overviews of the liveliest areas of town: restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs.

Stefaner analyzed various location services for his work , including, obviously, Foursquare, but also its competitor Yelp. The only difference is that the city map now no longer shows spatial information such as streets or squares. Rather, it shows you the places to go for a bit of fun.

The visuals on the web offer a degree of interactivity. If you click an area on the map, you will be presented with old-fashioned street info. If you love the German cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Munich (to which Stefaner’s work currently limits), now is the time to order your print.