Jay-Z was right: Most rappers lie about their riches

jay-z_shot-540x353If you are a real hip hop fan, the heading above this article should not come as a big surprise. However, on his latest album, hip hop icon Jay-Z rightly asks himself how much rappers are actually making up. High time to set the record straight!

The truth in my verses, versus, your metaphors about what your net worth is.

That’s all very easy for Jay-Z to say. With an estimated fortune of $475 million, it takes a lot of work to actually exaggerate your riches.

Artists like Pitbull and Nicki Minaj, on the contrary, look a bit worse for wear in the data visualization that Bloomberg created. Where their hit records have them rapping about billions of dollars in income (or expenses), in actual fact they seem to make a lot less (although still quite a tidy sum).


While Dr. Dre likes to downplay his fortune, New York rapper Nas may be the one who really overdoes it: boasting a $200 million fortune, he has actually managed to incur a debt with the IRS for over $6 million.

P. Diddy remains the richest of the bunch, however, with an estimated fortune of over $580 million. Check the data viz here!