Buienradar gets a sister site: introducing Zomerradar

Zomer-in-Nederland-volgens-GeenstijlFor many Dutch people, the app and web service Buienradar (‘rain showers radar’) has become a virtually indispensable tool. Whether you are going to a music festival, organizing a barbecue or setting out for a walk for to the train station from work or school, if it’s cloudy, you can check beforehand whether rain is expected so you will not be soaking wet a few minutes later.

Following the major success of Buienradar, its owner RTL recently launched a new variant for the summer season in the shape of Zomerradar (‘summer radar’). Not a superfluous luxury in the heat wave we have been treated to over here in the Netherlands. The cool spell that suddenly announced itself in some parts of the country was more than welcome.

At Zomerradar.nl you can see if and when the sun will shine in the coming 24 hours. You can also see when it may become cloudy, view how high the temperature will be and check the intensity of the sunshine. A new feature in the update that was launched this week is that you can also view the temperature of the (swimming) water in all major seaside resorts across the country as well as the quality of the water.

Zomerradar saw its launch last June and is still only available in the shape of a website. According to RTL Weer & Verkeer, the site has already attracted over 1 million visitors since its launch. It is as yet unclear whether Zomerradar will become available as an iPhone or Android app.