Smart tooth to track exactly how much you eat, drink, cough and chew

close up of smiling womans mouth and teethIn the future, it may much easier to keep track of what you eat and drink. Where we currently use a food journal app like Foodzy, a couple of years from now our molars might just be equipped with a sensor that exactly registers what passes by.

Scientists at the National Taiwan University in Taipei have developed a ‘wearable oral sensory system’ the size of a tooth. This ‘Smart Tooth’ is capable of recognizing whether you chew, drink, talk or cough, as evidenced by the picture below.

According to the scientists, the tooth offered accurate information in more than 93.8% of all cases. Among other things, it contains a mini-accelerometer that signals movements of the mouth.

Whether the tooth will soon also replace all the features of a Fitbit or Fuelband is as yet unknown. And I have to say I would be really interested to measure, after all these years, how many calories you really burn by French kissing.