Breathing Earth: a breathtaking animation of a year on earth

Planet-earth-540x303You may already know that NASA shares a lot of its discoveries and spectacular images with the rest of the world via the web. Examples include the Twitter account for the Mars rover Curiosity, which regularly posts pictures, movies and other information on and from the rover. Perhaps the most beautiful example is the Visible Earth database, which comprises a catalogue of pictures and animations of our planet.

Among these images, data visualization blog UX discovered the ‘Blue Marble’ photographs: monthly satellite images that are perfectly cloud-free.

John Nelson, one of UX’s bloggers, got the great idea to put together the subsequent images for an entire year to create an animation. The result is a beautiful view of the growing and shrinking woods, deserts and ice caps across the world. He writes: “Needless to say, I had my expectations as to what I would see after animating these images. What I hadn’t expected, however, was that they would be so enchanting. I can’t take my eyes of them.”