Activity tracker Angel: a godsend for creative developers

scaled-white-led-540x337Out of the blue there’s a white wearable that seems to prove the existence of angels. Because particularly for creative developers, this white wearable is a veritable godsend!

The Angel bracelet boasts a host of integrated sensors that will set every self-tracker’s heart ablaze: they measure your movement, skin temperature, blood oxygen level and pulse. Everything has been catered for. Despite this fact, the Angel is unlike any other tracker on the market.

Because the most innovative thing about the smart bracelet is its business model. The tracker is completely open source, which means that the Israeli development team will fully open up their software, drivers and apps to developers. In other words, the Angel will be a different device to each developer: from a thermometer to a sports gadget or even a tool for preventing heart problems.

The team is currently still mainly busy ensuring the hardware and software works 100% according to specifications before going to market — and taking on Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone in its own unique way.

Unfortunately, the Angel’s retail price is as yet unknown. All that’s certain is that it will be available in various different colors.