A confrontational video: do smartphones ruin our social lives?

Screen-Shot-2013-08-24-at-12.16.46-PMFive years ago, people still considered you a nerd if you grabbed your smartphone to tweet something in between things. Now everybody is doing it. Not just during meetings or at work, but during dinners, parties or other social activities with their friends, kids or significant other. Film maker Carlene DeGuzman created the short movie below, which offers a depressing view on how our world can look at times, and the image of their environment that many children are currently growing up with.

Of course, this bleak picture is a bit exaggerated. Fortunately, there were few hints of our phone addiction at Lowlands. People were having fun with their friends, and surprisingly few pictures and videos were taken during or in between concerts. The question remains, however, whether this can be attributed to the short battery life of your smartphones or a renewed social awareness. Nevertheless, the video below contains images that strike many of us as all too familiar: