GetGlue is working on a new app that charts your TV behavior

Schermafbeelding-2013-08-31-om-02.18.42Through its Twitter account, GetGlue posted the following teaser, in which it announces a relaunch of its app. Among other things, GetGlue allows TV spectators to track which program they are watching and to chat about it with friends. Users can earn ‘stickers’ as a reward for their check-ins.

    Coming Soon…

— GetGlue (@getglue) August 30, 2013

Just like Foursquare, which also started out as a neat example of gamification, the past few years has seen GetGlue grow into the first ‘Social TV guide’ in the United States. With almost 4 million users and over 500 million data points, GetGlue has been able to compile a veritable treasure trove of information on the TV show, sports, series, music and movie preferences of American viewers. For example, this year 210,000 people checked in on the Oscar awards, while 15% of all tweets during the 2013 edition of the Super Bowl Halftime Show originated from GetGlue.

Despite this fact, the company never seems to hit it big internationally. In the Netherlands, in any case, GetGlue never managed to make a breakthrough. Hopefully its new app will better cater for the wishes of international (on-demand) viewers, particularly in the light of the Dutch launch of Netflix. We’ll keep you informed.