Heart pulse monitor Nymi aiming to become the ultimate replacement of your passwords and keychain

It is becoming virtually impossible to remember the host of passwords, PIN codes and passphrases required to enter one’s clubhouse. And let’s not forget that ever-expanding keychain. Canadian start-up Nymi intends to change this with the introduction of their new smart wristband. Their heart pulse monitor is to become the ultimate security solution.

Way back in 2011, the Nymi team embarked on the development of their product. Recently, they managed to haul in a sizeable investment of 1.4 million Canadian dollars. Nymi hopes that this funding will allow it to bring its first wristbands to market at the beginning of 2014.

The wristband is to become the ultimate key; recognizing people by their pulse. To this end, an ECG sensor has been integrated into the wristband.

Contrary to security devices such as fingerprint readers or iris scanners, wearers of the smart device do not have to continuously perform an action to unlock things. As long as you wear the device around your wrist, you will have access to secured data.


The Nymi works on the basis of a closed loop: a metal sensor ensures that your wristband measures your pulse. The device is able to use Bluetooth to make a connection with other equipment, such as car keys, a smartphone, a payment terminal or chip card readers used in public transport.

If everything works out as planned, the first wristbands will roll off the conveyor belts in the spring of 2014. The Nymi wristband can be pre-ordered for $79.