Philips announces a smart Baby Monitor that connects with its Hue lamp

During the IFA in Berlin this weekend, a host of new Smart Baby Monitors were presented to a mass audience. After Withings and WeMo, Philips is launching a device that enables users to remotely monitor their infants. Better still, it even lets them adapt their home lighting to this task!

Naturally, this modern-day baby monitor features a camera, so that you can watch your child via an app on your iPhone or Android device — even if you are away from home! While for the fanatical grandparents, you can share a live stream of the goings-on in your child’s bedroom, meaning they never miss out on seeing their grandchildren. The makers have also thought of night vision, which allows you to check whether everything is hunky-dory when the room is dark.

The Philips Avent Baby Monitor is a logical extension of the Philips’ successful Avent Baby product line, and a worthy opponent for the Withings Baby Monitor. Just like its competitor, Philips’ version features a humidity and temperature sensor, allowing you to monitor your child’s room and make modifications where necessary. There is a sound sensor that keeps track of the sounds made by the infant, which allows the app to warn you if the child is restless or cries.

But what really sets the Avent Smart Baby Monitor apart is its connectivity with the Philips Hue Connected Lightning system. The app can change the colors of the lighting in your house if your child makes a noise. Very convenient if you can’t find your smartphone or are distracted by the TV — the lamps will change colors to ensure you know exactly when you need to go upstairs and take a peek.

Incidentally, there are more obvious application scenarios to be thought of for the connection between the Baby Monitor and the lighting across the house. For instance, you can set up a lamp in its room as an ‘inverted wake up light’, so that it will slowly fade out to create the impression of a sunset. This could help put your child to sleep faster, or conversely, wake up faster.

The Philips Avent Baby Monitor is still under development. It is expected to hit the market in 2014 at a recommended retail price of around €219.