RIDEYE: a black box for bikes

rideye_fiets_cameraLately, the number of accidents involving cyclists seems to have picked up at an alarming pace. And more often than one would imagine, people decide to drive on without giving a moment’s thought to the accident or the parties involved. This inspired Cedric Bosch to develop RIDEYE, a black box that you can mount on your handlebar.

Bosch knows how to handle steel and power tools and received the ultimate inspiration when a good friend was knocked off his bike and left severely injured by the driver who caused the accident.

The American got cracking in his shed and came up with the first prototype of RIDEYE, a combination of a camera and an accelerometer that you can mount on your bike’s handlebar.

Everybody has this lingering fear that they’ll get hit by a car, and the driver will drive away and never be found. Rideye solves that problem, and lets people ride with total peace of mind!

The concept is simple: the camera wakes up when you start cycling and records your bike ride. If you choose to leave the camera off, it will start recording once it receives a signal from the accelerometer that a fall, collision or other sudden movement has occurred.

After a successful test period, Bosch is now ready to commence the large-scale production of his RIDEYE. He is looking for financing to back the manufacturing process, and it seems that Kickstarter is set to become his best business angel. After an initial announcement, RIDEYE is making rapid headway towards the required $35,000. It even looks as if he will exceed this amount by a substantial margin.

If you want to ensure yourself of a RIDEYE and support Bosch, you can contribute to his mission by donating a sum of $119. The RIDEYE will eventually retail at $149.