Motorola files patent for a smart wristband with eye tracking and voice recognition

Motorola_logoThe focus for the next generation of wearables seems to be on the wrist. This is evidenced by Nike’s FuelBand and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, as well as a comment by Apple’s Tim Cook, who described the human wrist as “highly interesting”. This has given rise to development in other areas as well, a case in point being the new wristband that Motorola allegedly intends to manufacture.

Motorola has filed a patent that describes a wristband that uses sensors to determine whether your tablet or smartphone is in portrait or landscape mode. The wristband is also rumored to feature an eye tracking system, allowing it to adjust the content on your mobile device to your field of vision.


Apparently the wristband is capable of performing certain actions “based on your mood”. The patent also talks of “changing a background”, but it’s not clear whether this refers to the background of a smartphone or tablet or the background color of the wristband.

However, what does become clear is that the wristband is also capable of converting your movements to operating instructions for other hardware, such as a TV, tablet or computer.


Would you like to know more about Motorola’s patent? Then check out the full patent here!