Structure Sensor brings 3D scans to your mobile device

Object_Scan_3There’s an exciting new project on Kickstarter: the Structure Sensor. This device by Occipital is capable of scanning objects or even complete rooms and creating 3D images from them.

The Structure Sensor has been developed for the iPad. The sensor scans objects, converts them into 3D files and directly sends them to your computer. You can edit these objects in applications such as a CAD program or 3D-print the scan. A nice application would be to scan art objects while on holiday and endowing your home with the 3D-printed objects when you get back.

The sensor is also able to scan entire rooms. To demonstrate its capabilities, Occipital has developed a number of amusing demos. For instance, it is possible to play a game with a virtual pet in a virtualized room, or have a virtual ball bounce across it. The ball will adhere to the laws of gravity and respond to objects in the scan. For instance, it won’t go through a virtual table.

What is striking about the Structure Sensor is that the project is open source from start to finish. The inventors at Occipital welcome anybody to build their own apps or to adapt the software. People are also encouraged to create new demos like the virtual rooms with balls and pets. If you support the Kickstarter project, you will be able to get access to the software at an early stage. The first shipments are expected in December. Click here for more information or to support the project.