Life-logging camera Memoto goes into private beta with first production models

f6d164cb00ddd9f24df54c090234647b_largeWe start off the week with Memoto, the life-logging camera from Swedish soil. Funnily enough, we already cursorily touched on this highly successful crowd funding initiative, but this is the first time we dedicate a feature on it. With the first cameras rolling off the production belt, this is a good moment to pay a closer look to the Memoto.

We spoke to the Memoto team last year during the Web Summit in Dublin, where they were chiefly busy drawing attention to their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. To showcase their product, some of the team wore a compact prototype of their camera. At the time I had my reservations as to its chances of success.

But I was proven wrong with a vengeance: over 2,800 backers expressed their interest in a camera that takes a picture every 30 seconds. They invested a total of $550,000.


For those not yet familiar with the Memoto camera, here’s a brief explanation: this small 5MP camera takes a snapshot every 30 seconds (or at wider time intervals) and stores the pictures on an 8GB memory card, along with the GPS coordinates for your current location. An integrated accelerometer ensures that all your photos are evenly aligned, no matter how you carry the device. Fully charged, the Memoto can operate for approximately 48 hours and store approximately 4,000 pictures. As you can see below, this results in a crumb trail of snapshots.


Although you can wear the Memoto on your clothes, it goes without saying that a host of other creative applications can be concocted for the mini-camera. For instance, one of Memoto´s team members placed the camera on top of a bottle of wine to take the following picture of an Italian sunset in what is called a time lapse.

The Memoto team has started a small-scale beta phase. The first production models of the camera are to arrive from Taiwan this week. Although the first tests will take place in the greater Stockholm area, the company will try to involve more test locations soon afterwards.

Needless to say, we will do all we can to ensure that Amsterdam is not missing from the test sites!