13:56 wristband lets you operate your smartphone by moving your arm

I have often said it — it is possible to take the development of wearables too far. However, contrary to the Embrace+, the 13:56 wristband offers more potential than people initially thought. But its creators have made a few design choices that are likely to prohibit large-scale success.

Although the 13:56 wristband features a simple design, it offers a host of capabilities. Combined with a special smartphone app, the rubber wristband is able to perform part of your smartphone operations using simple movements.

You can swipe across the wristband to turn the volume up or down and tap it to skip to the next track. You can also move your arm to lock a screen, create a new contact or send a file.


You would think that these features are nice enough to ensure the required financing is to quickly hauled in through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter. Nevertheless, at a price of approximately 50 Euros, the rubber wristband does not exactly seem to have captured the public´s heart.

The decision to equip the 13:56 with NFC technology may have contributed to this lack of interest. After all, NFC is still far removed from being a market leader, and it is not supported by Apple devices. The team behind 13:56 did not want a battery or a slick design, but the question remains whether the wristband would have attracted more interest if they had opted for Bluetooth LE.

With approximately one week to go on Kickstarter, the team is still far removed from the envisaged 24,000 Euros. If you are interested, you can be the owner of a 13:56 wristband for 30 Euros. You can expect it to arrive no earlier than February 2014.