Record-breaking sports watch Bia still does not see production


We recently published an overview of the 10 most successful crowd-funding projects. Number five in this list was the Bia women’s sports watch, which managed to attract over 408,160 dollars in financing through a Kickstarter campaign.

The Bia is especially designed for small wrists. The wristband can be pulled very tight so that it will fit anybody. The sports watch comes in a range of colors and can be used for running, cycling and — quite special for a smart watch — swimming.

Besides offering all the usual characteristics of a sports watch, what makes the Bia unique is that it features a panic button. Sportswomen can press this button whenever they feel unsafe. Then the Bia automatically forwards a message to friends and family as well as the emergency services. According to the makers of the sports watch, the panic button is the most coveted sports watch feature for women, and will probably be a key driver for the project’s success.

Unfortunately, the Bia has still not been taken into production. Although the shipping date was set for April 2013, as things stand the first sports watches will not ship until the end of December. First there were problems with the Bia’s water resistance, and now it turns out the battery only has a useful life of half a year, while the LCD screen is so vulnerable that cracks form in it very quickly.

However, with every issue solved the Bia is nearing its production. Click here and here for more information.