Radiate Athletics: sportswear that provides immediate feedback on your effort

photo-main-copyRadiate Athletics is a true Kickstarter success story, making it a perfect pick for FundRush. Although the original target was set at only 30,000 dollars, this crowdfunding project managed to attract almost 579,600 dollars!

Radiate Athletics is a designer of sportswear. Not regular sportswear, that is, but shirts that respond to your body temperature. The Radiate shirts change color when your muscles become warm, thus indicating the optimum level of effort.

Besides your body temperature, Radiate can measure the amount of calories you burn and indicate which muscles are active during a particular exercise. This means you can directly see which muscles you should train more. And since your are provided with immediate feedback , you can directly adapt your training schedule accordingly — a unique feature that sets the shirts apart from the numerous smartwatches that only provide you with data retroactively.

What is special about Radiate is that it does not require any batteries. Body heat is all that is needed to activate the shirt. Another attractive feature is its price. A shirt can be yours for only 40 dollars!

Radiate Athletics is making good headway. After a number of setbacks, the shirts have actually been taken into production. Everybody who has contributed to the Kickstarter campaign will receive their shirt in the coming month. For those of you that ordered later, expect to see your shirt on your doormat in the spring of 2014.

If you would like to know more or order a sports shirt, click this link.