Fitbit Force now officially announced

simple.b-dis-jpg.h37c5e2b33bb81230774c1a3f07086576As we predicted last week, the Fitbit Force is on its way. Today, the successor to the Fitbit Flex was officially announced.

The new fitness tracker features two important additions: an OLED display and an altitude meter. Its display allows users to call up more information than ever before. For instance, you can directly check the time and your fitness statistics. This means you no longer have to synchronize data with your smartphone first — very convenient when engaged in sports activities.

You can also link your iPhone to the Force. This will allow you to see who is calling on the screen of your wristband. The name or phone number of the caller will be displayed on the Force’s screen. However, the screen is not always active — first you will have to press a switch at the side of the device. In other words, the wristband still cannot serve as a replacement for a smart watch.

The altitude meter is a neat addition. It allows you to track how many stairs you have taken. Fortunately, a sensor has been integrated that checks whether you are actually using the stairs or an elevator. Elevator use is excluded from the measurements.


A highly convenient feature is the Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. If you plug it into your computer, all data from the Force is automatically uploaded. This means you do not have to take great pains in dismantling your wristband first, as was the case with the Fitbit Flex. Needless to say, you can also upload data to your smartphone.

The Fitbit Force is available as of today through Fitbit’s online store for 130 dollars. This makes it slightly more expensive in comparison to other activity trackers, but the device does offer more features than other trackers currently available. Click here for a full overview of the specifications.