IBM predicts heart failure using Big Data

IBMIBM thinks that in the future it will be able to predict heart failure through Big Data analytics. In the United States, heart failure is a very common and costly disease. People who suffer from this condition often die within five years after having been diagnosed with it.

In 2009, IBM joined forces with health organizations Sutter Health and Geisinger Health Systems to perform research into Big Data and human health. Based on available online patient data, the partners already have completed the first analyses.

The data includes demographics, patients’ medical histories, allergies, used medication and lab data. One of the findings of the study was that the use of Big Data makes it possible to predict who runs an elevated risk of contracting a particular disease.

Once it is known who has an elevated risk of a particular ailment, doctors can take this into account and take preventive measures where necessary. In the long run, it should be possible to save lives through earlier diagnoses.

IBM has already received 2 million dollar in grants. Using these funds, the researchers hope to develop algorithms that will make for accurate predictions.