MyFocus eliminates all digital and real-life distractions

CanFocusWhen we are working we receive messages from everywhere. One person sends you an email you just have to answer, and them someone calls you regarding an urgent problem. This makes it hard to get your task at hand done.

CanFocus has come up with a solution to this problem in the shape of the MyFocus — a large button featuring green and red lights. If the green light is on, other people may disturb the user. If the red is on, however, this indicates the user prefers to continue his or her work. The project is currently featured on Kickstarter.

What is very convenient about the MyFocus is that it is not only your colleagues who receive a signal when you don’t want to be disturbed. If you connect the button to your computer, the MyFocus can also block all digital messages. Emails, phone calls or IMs — not a single message will arrive. Nice and quiet!

“What we’ve done is look at the laptop platforms and each of the major smartphone platforms, and simply through understanding the operating systems and how they provide notification from each platform — say Outlook or an instant-messaging platform — we found the code that does that and we’ve written our own code to intersect,” explains CEO Paul Chipperton.

Although this is a fun idea, it does remind me quite a lot of the ‘traffic lights’ that were used in primary school. These were red and green plasticized circles: if the green side was up, people could disturb you, but if the red side was up this meant you had work to do. So, now there’s a version for adults!