Strava trumps Nike by launching the first app with M7 support

m7ProcessorI can just picture it: high-fives all around the Strava office: “We just did it!”. Because the new version of Strava Run is the very first app to use the M7 processor in the new iPhone 5S, trumping sports giant Nike.

The new M7 coprocessor was first presented during the launch of the iPhone 5S and allows your phone to continuously monitor the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. Based on the collected data, the processor can determine the type of activity you are performing: running, cycling or driving a car.

The updated version of Strava Run makes sure that the app can quickly monitor the speed and route through the M7 while consuming less energy.

Although virtually every app developer will be introducing M7 updates with similar features in the coming weeks, Strava’s fast move is particularly painful for Nike, which still has not launched the Nike+ Move app it announced during the launch of the iPhone 5S.