Adidas also launches a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor for runners

Adidas smartwatchJust one day after the introduction of the new Fuelband SE, Adidas announced a smartwatch of its own. The device caters for sportspeople who like to use a heart rate monitor when running and to align their workout with their running performance. The follow-up to the miCoach will retail at $399 dollar.

The Adidas smartwatch provides data on the runner’s location, speed and heart rhythm, but also doubles as an MP3 player on which you can store music. According to Adidas, the main feature that sets the smartwatch apart from others, is that the device will also provide runners with coaching. The training programs take their cue from your pulse and can be viewed on the display or listened to using an earpiece.

At a price of $399, the Adidas smartwatch is by far the most expensive in the market. In the Netherlands, the Fuelband SE retails at €139. However, Adidas is quick to point out that the device is exclusively geared towards a specific group of users in the shape of runners. For this reason, it prefers to name its device ‘the smartest running watch’ rather than smartwatch.

In all likelihood, the Adidas smartwatch will be the follow-up to the existing miCoach runner wristband and is available in the United States as of 1 November. However, when it will hit the Dutch shops is anyone’s guess.