Save water with the new Iro sprinkler system

IroAfter the launch of the Soil IQ, gardening is now being made just that bit easier with the introduction of a smart sprinkling system by Rachio. Its sprinklers take into account the weather conditions, season and the type of plants in your garden to minimize wastage of water.

Christopher Klein, Rachio’s co-founder, says that regular sprinklers waste too much water. Even when the sprinklers are on a timer, it may so happen that they become active when it is raining. A waste of water, in Klein’s view, and sufficient reason to invent an intelligent new sprinkling system.

The Iro system is a control box for all sprinklers in the garden. It can be used to operate every single sprinkler. It comes with an app that lets you set the sprinkling time of your choice. In doing so, you can indicate your type of garden, as well as the flowers and plants that are predominantly present in it. Based on this input, the system will determine how much water is required at a given moment.


The system also takes into account the weather conditions and current season. In mid-summer, for instance, the sprinkling sessions will be longer as well as more frequent. However, if it is raining or about to rain, the system will hold on the sprinkling.

The Iro system will be available as per April 2014 at a price of $199.