Google helps entrepreneurs visualize their data on a map

GoogleGoogle has well-documented expertise in searching, and has been a major player in the field of cartography for the longest time. With Google Maps Engine Pro, the Big G wants to take things in the latter field to the next level with a new service that allows entrepreneurs to quickly visualize data on a map.

Google Maps Engine Pro is the name of the new platform that the US outfit is offering entrepreneurs so they can directly plot data from a spreadsheet (CSV, TSV, XLSX, Google Spreadsheet) to a map. They can subsequently visualize and enrich the data in various different ways.

Users can complement their data with information such as contact or (dynamic) stock data. In addition, they can modify the map’s design at will. They can change the color of pins and lines and so on. Added to which, they can superimpose various layers on the map, so that different data layers can be sent to different users.

Google Maps Engine is available for a monthly fee of $5. More information is available here.