Silicon supercharger makes batteries last weeks

ChargerUntil now we had to consider ourselves lucky if our smartphones lasted a full day. But now this is set to change. With a new silicon supercharger, your battery will last for weeks, plus it will charge in no time!

Technology for turbo-charging batteries has been around for quite some time. However, thus far nobody has really succeeded in putting it to practice. This is about to change, as scientists at Vanderbilt University have discovered an easy way to make use of the technology.

Rather than a traditional battery, the scientists use a silicon capacitor that can be integrated into chips. This makes it possible to use the capacitor in mobile phones and tablets. As a result of a chemical reaction produced in the silicon chip, this new type of battery can charge quicker and last longer. The study results have been published in Scientific Reports.

Assistant Professor Cary Pint, one of the scientists participating in this project, intends to process the new silicon chips into existing products. This means we may not have to wait very long until the chips find their way to the consumer market. Personally I cannot wait!