GlassFit puts the fun and excitement back in running using augmented reality


The apps that are currently available for Google Glass are a lot of fun, but not really very useful. However, towards the end of this year an app will be released that will make it more attractive to purchase one of Google’s devices. The GlassFit app lets you compete against yourself when jogging or cycling. How’s that for motivation?

An increasing number of new innovations for Google Glass are finding their way to the market. There are already various accessories available, gesture recognition was recently introduced, and it has just been announced that the smart glasses will become available for a mass audience in 2014.

In addition, new and possibly interesting apps are also introduced at a steady pace. Take GlassFit, for instance. This augmented reality app lets you ‘race’ against yourself. You can compete against your average performance, your personal records and even against your friends. Google Glass will generate a projection of the person you are running against.


You can also view how long you have been running, the distance you have run and the number of calories you have burned. After experimenting with the various sensors of Google Glass, the team behind the app has succeeded in integrating a special injury mode. This mode indicates what you should do if you get injured and what the chances are of you sustaining an injury in the near future.

The app’s creators are convinced that a race provides the ultimate motivation to go that extra mile or give it just that little extra push. Alex Foster, the app’s co-founder, explains: “Our goal is make exercise incredibly addictive and enjoyable through augmented reality exercise…[letting] the user knows if they are beating or falling behind their personal best or target pace the whole way through the run.”

The team has acquired the required funds through Crowdcube, a Kickstarter variant. The app should be ready by the end of this year, just before Google Glass sees its worldwide introduction.