Virtual school trips bring the world into the classroom

For many children, school trips are one of the year’s highlights. Unfortunately, schools are faced with tighter budgets, making it increasingly difficult for them to organize excursion trips at least once a year to a museum, zoo or company. Virtual school trips allow children to engage with subject matter outside of the classroom without major expenses.

Google has introduced the Connected Classrooms to make such virtual school trips possible. Through these connected schools, children can use Hangouts to ‘visit’ the Solar Impulse Hangar, the Seattle Aquarium and the Minnesota Zoo or one of the other large organizations that participate in the project.

The Hangouts take place at regular intervals. Teachers can register their class for these events. This allows children to attend the Hangout in the classroom as a special way of being presented with engaging educative content. A big advantage is that different classes can simultaneously follow the Hangout and that children also can learn a lot from each other in this way.

Children can ask questions and are provided with a unique look behind the scenes, while schools don’t lose a cent. Connected Classrooms might well become the classrooms of the future.