Numrush to predict the future in the coming weeks


The last couple of years has seen the pace of technological developments really take off. As you may have noticed, Numrush is able to report something new each day. Every new piece of technology offers the promise to improve your daily lives. So where do all of these predictions stem from?

Research shows that a lot of predictions for the future are far from original. Many things that are currently being predicted, were already predicted in the 19th century. Many technological developments from the past few years were even predicted for the first time in the 18th century!

For instance, the concept behind Skype dates back to 1879. The following cartoon imagines a world in which people can communicate with each other across a great distance. Not just over the phone, but using images as well. Just like Skype, in fact!


The idea of a smartwatch has also been around for more than 50 years. Just check out this advert for the Galaxy Gear:

In the coming weeks, the Numrush editors will look at various current predictions for the future, comparing them to predictions from the past. In doing so, we will touch upon questions such as: Where do the predictions come from? Are there any frequently reoccurring themes? How will new technological innovations improve our daily lives?

From predictions from present-day futurologists to science fiction from magazines from 1926: everything will pass muster! So keep a close watch on the Numrush pages in the coming weeks and get to know exactly what technological advances the future may have in store for us!