Tone: direct insight into weight loss from sports activities

ToneBIt can be difficult to gain insight into the quickest way of burning fat. For the one person this could be a half-hour running session, while someone else would have more success with muscle exercises. A scale doesn’t always help, either: any lost weight may just as well be due to lost fluid or muscle mass rather than fat. There is a new device that might help solve this problem.

The Tone device measures the amount of acetone in your respiration. When fat is burned, acetone is generated as a by-product. So if you measure the amount of acetone, you’ll know exactly how much fat you have burned. How’s that for convenience?

This device is the result of a joint-venture between GM Nameplate and Stratos. The two companies have joined forces to develop adequate sensors for measuring acetone. This has resulted in a device that looks a bit like an asthma inhaler.

With the Tone, the two companies not only want to provide users with insight into the amount of fat they burn, but also how they can optimize their training program. Using the data collected by the Tone you can easily determine when, how often and how you can train best. The device will also provide you with insight into the best time to eat, what you should eat before training and how much you should eat.

The Tone is not only interesting for athletes. Diabetics can also greatly benefit from the inhaler. It shows how healthy a body is, which can be very important for people who need to continuously monitor their food intake. The Tone should be available later this year for a price of $150.