TapTap: a wristband that creates a private world for lovebirds

TapTapWe know most wearables by now. There are activity trackers, smartwatches, wristbands that provide notifications, you name it. This makes it pretty difficult to come up with something new. However, a recently announced crowdfunding initiative attempts to do just that with the TapTap: a wristband for personal communication.

Thanks to social media and ubiquitous Internet connections we are now able to directly hook up with anybody. And almost everything we do online is public. To counter all this social pressure, TapTap developed a wristband that is capable of setting up a private connection between two persons.

“Our goal is to create this secret universe which only you two can access. A secret place available for you no matter how far away you are from each other. A place where you can be together, with no words, no strangers, same place as was the room where you first touched each other.”

This is a rather romantic ideal. The wristband works as follows. It consists of a silicon strip in which a special module has been integrated. This module in turn contains an accelerometer and a sensor that is capable of detecting pressure. If you tap the module, a vibration signal is sent to your partner’s wristband.

This means the TapTap can only be used in pairs. You can buy a set for $130 on Kickstarter. Although the campaign ended on November 22 without reaching its financing target, the company has announced it will continue its efforts.

Besides the romantic concept behind the TapTap, it is also possible to imagine other applications for the wristband, such as activity tracking. The device already offers integration with Runkeeper, and an SDK for third-party developers is on its way, making the wristband suitable for various other uses.