Watson in de cloud: IBM’s supercomputer to become available to developers

IBM WatsonUsing a supercomputer from time to time… this sounds like a privilege for the happy few, but if it’s up to IBM, the near future should see programmers should be able to use its famous supercomputer Watson.

According to PC World, Big Blue is working on a cloud service that lets developers leverage a ‘light’ version of Watson through the use of various APIs.

“Cognitive systems are different in that they have the ability to simulate human behavior. For the most part humans have had to adapt to the computer. As we get into cognitive systems we open up the aperture to the computer adapting to the human.”

IBM’s Rob High says the access to Watson and its capabilities should be made as easy as possible. For this purpose, IBM will first focus on a type of RESTful API.

Currently IBM has not disclosed any exact specifications for the service or information on when Watson will be available through the cloud.

Although it may seem a little early to take this to press, with a view to the announcements made by cloud leader Amazon this week during its RE:Invent convention, it is only logical that IBM is already announcing its plans.