Launched in 2012, Numrush is a weblog on big data and its impact in a variety of areas. It focuses on products, services, companies and trends in health, exercise, work, psychology, lifestyle, location, energy, media, climate and society. Initially Numrush intends primarily to fulfill a signaling role. It is expected that in the years ahead, the collection of data – by ourselves, by others and by products and services – will play a yet greater role than the changes in the media landscape seen in the  past decade as a result of the advent of the (mobile) web. We call this trend ‘Dautonomy’: autonomy through data.

More data will result in greater insight and personalized products, such as tools for a healthier lifestyle, tools for easier travel, or media and content targeted to your personal behavior and preferences. More data will also result in privacy issues – who owns all this data? – as well as challenges in computing power, hardware and interface design. After all, what’s the use of data if we are unable to interpret it quickly and easily? Both perspectives will undergo a major focus on this website. We will also try to compile the most complete and up-to-date overview of this trend possible.

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