AIRO wristband analyzes what you’ve eaten in real-time

The activity tracker arena may see an interesting addition in the shape of the AIRO wristband. Besides tracking your sleeping patterns, counting the steps you take and measuring your stress levels, the wearable device is said to be capable of analyzing what you’ve eaten during the day. With the new wristband, the AIRO team not […]

Let silence rule your house by blocking all outside noise with Sono

You arrive home from work. All you want to do is relax for a bit, and then suddenly the alarm goes off next door or another ambulance drives by. The only outside noise you want to hear is birds chirping, leaves rustling and other soothing natural sounds. It was with this idea in mind that […]

Next-level breakdown service: Renault is building a mobile 3D printer for motor mechanics

A mechanic who always carries the right tools and can create any missing component using a 3D printer. With this idea in mind, the 3D-printing enthusiasts at Le FabShop set out to convert a car into a mobile 3D printer. Le FabShop teamed up with Renault to convert a regular car into a vehicle with […]

IBM aims to enhance mobile payment security with an NFC card

Increasingly, new technological developments show a shift towards the Bluetooth camp. And now IBM is introducing a new concept that uses NFC to enhance the security of personal data during mobile payment transactions. Should we be surprised by this move or actually consider it a logical development? We see this trend occurring time and again […]

Google helps entrepreneurs visualize their data on a map

Google has well-documented expertise in searching, and has been a major player in the field of cartography for the longest time. With Google Maps Engine Pro, the Big G wants to take things in the latter field to the next level with a new service that allows entrepreneurs to quickly visualize data on a map. […]

Save water with the new Iro sprinkler system

After the launch of the Soil IQ, gardening is now being made just that bit easier with the introduction of a smart sprinkling system by Rachio. Its sprinklers take into account the weather conditions, season and the type of plants in your garden to minimize wastage of water. Christopher Klein, Rachio’s co-founder, says that regular […]

Infographic: the impact of wearables on the healthcare sector

Numrush often writes about new healthcare technology. However, it is often difficult to fathom its actual impact on the healthcare sector. Pathfinder Software has created a special infographic to fill this gap. It shows which wearables are currently available and which are actually used in healthcare. Very handy!

Anki Drive: a cool racing game for the iPhone and harbinger of the Robot Revolution

Don’t worry: its not the start of Skynet. However, the advent of domestic robots seems to have been officially kick-started with the introduction of Anki Drive, an iPhone racing game with a twist. No less than four and a half years have gone into the development of these small racing monsters that can best be […]

Adidas also launches a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor for runners

Just one day after the introduction of the new Fuelband SE, Adidas announced a smartwatch of its own. The device caters for sportspeople who like to use a heart rate monitor when running and to align their workout with their running performance. The follow-up to the miCoach will retail at $399 dollar. The Adidas smartwatch […]

M-Blocks: little self-building robots

Invented by John Romanishin of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, M-Blocks are small robots that assemble themselves into a single, larger robot. By jumping and twisting, the robots are able to transport themselves, and they can assemble using magnets. Although this in itself may not seem much, these robots are a step […]