How Big Data and Predictive Analytics are changing the world for IBM and its clients

Last week, Numrush was present at the annual “Information On Demand” event that was organized by IBM in collaboration with 300 of its business partners in Las Vegas. Attracted by the enticing slogan “Think Big, Deliver Big, WIN Big”, approximately 11,000 relations, staff members, clients and media representatives attended the event to learn about current […]

Neck tattoo by Motorola allows wearers to operate a smartphone

Motorola, which was acquired by Google two years ago, has submitted a patent that is tantalizing to say the least: the mobile phone manufacturer intends to develop electronic tattoos. These tattoos are to function as a mobile microphone, digital display and lie detector. The electronic tattoo allows its wearers to directly record sounds. All background […]

GlassFit puts the fun and excitement back in running using augmented reality

The apps that are currently available for Google Glass are a lot of fun, but not really very useful. However, towards the end of this year an app will be released that will make it more attractive to purchase one of Google’s devices. The GlassFit app lets you compete against yourself when jogging or cycling. […]

Samsung’s CEO promises to introduce foldable displays within two years time

The Samsung Analyst Day not only focuses on financial data. A lot of attention is also paid to the innovations that Samsung will introduce in the coming years. For instance, what to think of a display that you can fold up? A ductile screen was announced previously, but apparently that was not enough for the […]

The TellSpec scanner analyzes all the nutrients in your food within seconds

An allergy to certain food types is always a problem. Does the food contain gluten? Have nuts been processed into this or that product? Packaging labels are not always very clear, and if you decide to visit a nice restaurant it’s particularly tricky to keep tabs on what has gone into the food on your […]

Facebook can predict how long a relationship will last

Scientists can find a wealth of fascinating data on Facebook. This often yields interesting findings. For instance, did you know that it’s possible to use Facebook data to predict whether a romantic relationship will stand the test of time? After analyzing over a million Facebook profiles, Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell, and Lars […]

Next-level breakdown service: Renault is building a mobile 3D printer for motor mechanics

A mechanic who always carries the right tools and can create any missing component using a 3D printer. With this idea in mind, the 3D-printing enthusiasts at Le FabShop set out to convert a car into a mobile 3D printer. Le FabShop teamed up with Renault to convert a regular car into a vehicle with […]

Save water with the new Iro sprinkler system

After the launch of the Soil IQ, gardening is now being made just that bit easier with the introduction of a smart sprinkling system by Rachio. Its sprinklers take into account the weather conditions, season and the type of plants in your garden to minimize wastage of water. Christopher Klein, Rachio’s co-founder, says that regular […]

Party pooper Evgeny Morozov: ‘appification’ does not solve complex issues

Yesterday, web critic Evgeny Morozov gave a lecture in the framework of the 25th anniversary of the Mediafonds, the Dutch Cultural Media Fund. During his presentation, he outlined various worst-case scenarios for a public sector that looks too much to Silicon Valley. In his own words, Evgeny Morozov is really a more suitable speaker for […]

IBM uses Big Data to combat deadly infectious diseases

At this time of the year, you often see missives in which technology companies make predictions with regard to the spread of influenza. Google can measure this based on search queries for drugs, while Twitter and Facebook can monitor this based on snotty tweets and “I feel knackered” updates. The team at IBM wanted to […]