Breathing Earth: a breathtaking animation of a year on earth

You may already know that NASA shares a lot of its discoveries and spectacular images with the rest of the world via the web. Examples include the Twitter account for the Mars rover Curiosity, which regularly posts pictures, movies and other information on and from the rover. Perhaps the most beautiful example is the Visible […]

Playing with your food: interactive Pixelate food game recognizes what you eat

Nowadays there are many ways to map out all the food you ingest. You can check it with Foodzy, the comic Hapifork and soon even with a smart tooth. But if you really feel the urge to play with your food, you simply have to play the Pixelate ‘game’ by Sures Kumar and Lana Z […]

‘Wearables make the majority of users more efficient and better informed’

While the experts say that smartphones are nearing their saturation point, the market for other wearable technology seems to be fully opening up. Recent research shows that wearables can improve one’s information provision by up to no less than 61%. As recurring visitors of this blog will know, the playing field is not limited to […]

The 8 best sleep-tracking gadgets and apps

Those who want to monitor or improve their running, biking or even skiing performance can quickly find out where to turn. But one of the most important factors affecting health—a good night’s sleep—is much harder to analyze. Here are today’s eight best sleep trackers, both apps and gadgets. This list doesn’t contain what may well […]

Data synching between Foodzy and Fitbit now works both ways

Users of Foodzy, an app and web service that allows you to keep track of what you eat and drink each day, can now view their diet data on their Fitbit dashboard. Although the link between Fitbit and Foodzy has been available for some time, until now it was only possible to synch Fitbit data […]

Intel injects major capital in ‘Perceptual Computing’ and launches a 3D camera and innovation fund

Although the official program will not start until later today, yesterday Intel already organized a number of additional presentations in which it presented a number of its spearheads for the coming period to representatives of the press. Intel once more underscored its drive to introduce ‘Perceptual Computing’ to the masses. Anil Nanduri, a member of […]

Foodzy Foodprint: a weekly infographic that helps you kick off the week in optimum health

Earlier this morning, regular users of Foodzy encountered a small surprise in their inbox. In the early hours of the day, the Amsterdam start-up launched their first expanded offering in the shape of the Foodprint. It concerns a personalized weekly infographic that gives your week an insightful start.