How self-tracking and sports apps manage to actually change human behavior

Self-tracking has a long history in the area of sports. It’s therefore not surprising that a large number of the most popular apps are found in the sports market. For instance, apps for runners represent one of the most popular app categories in the various app stores. Currently over 100 million sports apps are downloaded. […]

Technology to prevent brain damage resulting from sports activities

Heading the ball in soccer, getting hit in the nut with a hockey puck or getting tackled during football: all these things seem an innocent part of the game. However, more and more studies show that all these hits to the head do permanent damage to the brain, particularly when it comes to the long-term. […]

How ‘wearable technology’ will change the face of collaboration in the sports world

When it comes to marketing campaigns by multinational companies, two new trends can be identified: a greater focus on the Return On Investment (ROI), and marketing with a greater focus on corporate social responsibility. If you were to View More information on the latter, you’d know that it entails mostly of SEO, digital marketing, etc. Many […]