Adidas also launches a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor for runners

Just one day after the introduction of the new Fuelband SE, Adidas announced a smartwatch of its own. The device caters for sportspeople who like to use a heart rate monitor when running and to align their workout with their running performance. The follow-up to the miCoach will retail at $399 dollar. The Adidas smartwatch […]

Philips announces a smart Baby Monitor that connects with its Hue lamp

During the IFA in Berlin this weekend, a host of new Smart Baby Monitors were presented to a mass audience. After Withings and WeMo, Philips is launching a device that enables users to remotely monitor their infants. Better still, it even lets them adapt their home lighting to this task! Naturally, this modern-day baby monitor […]

Hands on with the 3Doodler: the pen that lets you draw in 3D

A pen that lets you draw in 3D. Approximately half a year ago, 3Doodler was the Kickstarter project that nobody tired of talking about. And now it’s here. Naturally, when we attended the IFA in Berlin we were eager to check whether the device lived up to the hype. What is immediately striking is the […]

Sony Smartwatch 2 wins on design points, but on a functional level doesn’t seem a contender for the Galaxy Gear

Two smartwatches were in the spotlight during the last edition of IFA in Berlin: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s Smartwatch 2. But is it fair to compare the devices to each other? It isn’t, we concluded when we got the chance to test the Smartwatch 2 at Sony’s stand. In terms of display size, the […]

GetGlue is working on a new app that charts your TV behavior

Through its Twitter account, GetGlue posted the following teaser, in which it announces a relaunch of its app. Among other things, GetGlue allows TV spectators to track which program they are watching and to chat about it with friends. Users can earn ‘stickers’ as a reward for their check-ins.     Coming Soon… — […]

A confrontational video: do smartphones ruin our social lives?

Five years ago, people still considered you a nerd if you grabbed your smartphone to tweet something in between things. Now everybody is doing it. Not just during meetings or at work, but during dinners, parties or other social activities with their friends, kids or significant other. Film maker Carlene DeGuzman created the short movie […]

Smart tooth to track exactly how much you eat, drink, cough and chew

In the future, it may much easier to keep track of what you eat and drink. Where we currently use a food journal app like Foodzy, a couple of years from now our molars might just be equipped with a sensor that exactly registers what passes by. Scientists at the National Taiwan University in Taipei […]

Buienradar gets a sister site: introducing Zomerradar

For many Dutch people, the app and web service Buienradar (‘rain showers radar’) has become a virtually indispensable tool. Whether you are going to a music festival, organizing a barbecue or setting out for a walk for to the train station from work or school, if it’s cloudy, you can check beforehand whether rain is […]

Infographic: What will be the name of the new #RoyalBaby?

Early this morning, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William were finally spotted at the St. Mary hospital in London. The royal labor has started! UK bookmakers have been speculating for months over the sex of the new heir to the throne and, of course, the name of the little prince or princess. Check out […]

New intelligent surgical knife detects cancer when it cuts into human tissue

Researchers at London’s Imperial College have developed an electrosurgical knife that recognizes cancer cells as it cuts through them. During an operation, a surgeon uses an electrosurgical knife to remove tissue identified as cancerous (by an MRI scan, for example). Until now, doctors could never be certain during a procedure whether those cells were benign […]