This year’s second screen app for the Tour de France is from Google: Your Tour

Although this year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France, it seems like the host of scandals that have plagued the cyclist world in the past few years have substantially diminished the public’s interest in one of the sporting highlights of the year. Last year, sponsors turned their back en masse on cycling, […]

How IBM Slamtracker allowed tennis players to improve their performance during Wimbledon

During large tournaments, professional sportspeople carefully prepare themselves for each match. In the case of a tennis player, this would involve a thorough analysis of one’s body and physical shape, the court, the weather conditions and, of course, the opponent’s style of playing. Based on all this information, sportspeople draw up their game plan, and […]

Worried about Google Glass and your privacy? Dress up in stealth-wear!

With the recent introduction of the first 8,000 Google Glass devices, eager fans probably find themselves largely outnumbered by concerned critics. Many claim Google Glass might just represent the greatest breach of privacy and social etiquette we have seen in years. The fact that people wearing a Google Glass device can make pictures and videos […]

Apple discourages the use of iOS 7 among its own staff

Since the announcement of a large-scale redesign of iOS 7, Apple fans cannot wait to see the result of the colorful project by designer Jony Ive with their own eyes. This is already possible through a shortcut, or at least if you have an iPhone developer account. Unfortunately, it will quickly become evident for those […]

A navigation system around your arm: TomTom also launches a smartwatch

Lately, a growing number of electronics manufacturers have launched a smartwatch, so the wait was for one by navigation giant TomTom. Last January, the company already announced the introduction of its Runner and Multi-Sport watches, and today they finally go to market in the United States. The Runner is a smartwatch that is also suitable […]

Infographic: In the future we will all have a self-driving car

To us it has always seemed a thing of an all too distant future: cars that bring us to our destination without requiring us to sit behind the wheel. However, the infographic below shows that the introduction of self-driving cars is closer than we might think. The first models are expected to hit showrooms as […]

Siri asks users for help with the pronunciation of names

Dutch iPhone users sometimes find themselves entangled in hilarious conversations when they ask Siri to phone a person in their list of contacts. After all, many Dutch names are as good as unpronounceable to the smartphone’s voice-controlled help system. However, this problem will soon be solved (in part) in iOS 7, as Siri will ask […]

Science Lab to unite scientists and web developers

Science and technological development. Sometimes the two seem like two completely separate highways. Start-ups and web developers are building an increasing number of apps, services and products in the hope to provide solutions to daily problems, whereas scientific researchers are capable of achieving breakthrough results, but lack the tools and techniques to collect and process […]

Project Loon: Google releases balloons so the whole world will have WiFi

This week saw the release of more information on Project Loon. This is an experiment by Google that involves sending up big balloons that are to provide the entire world with access to a WiFi signal. Although it may smack of some kind of corny April fool joke, Project Loon is a deadly serious exercise. […]

Why we should indeed be concerned about our privacy

In the past week, a lot has already been said on the NSA and, more in particular, PRISM: the until recently highly secret Big Data analytics system used by the U.S. government to trace our daily Internet footprint. In the countless daily discussions, it is often ‘our people’, i.e. the ‘internet geeks’ who shrug this […]