Infographic: the impact of wearables on the healthcare sector

Numrush often writes about new healthcare technology. However, it is often difficult to fathom its actual impact on the healthcare sector. Pathfinder Software has created a special infographic to fill this gap. It shows which wearables are currently available and which are actually used in healthcare. Very handy!

M-Blocks: little self-building robots

Invented by John Romanishin of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, M-Blocks are small robots that assemble themselves into a single, larger robot. By jumping and twisting, the robots are able to transport themselves, and they can assemble using magnets. Although this in itself may not seem much, these robots are a step […]

MyFocus eliminates all digital and real-life distractions

When we are working we receive messages from everywhere. One person sends you an email you just have to answer, and them someone calls you regarding an urgent problem. This makes it hard to get your task at hand done. CanFocus has come up with a solution to this problem in the shape of the […]

Mercedes-Benz showcases its first self-driving car

Last week, Mercedes-Benz presented its first ever self-driving car to the public. During a showcase, the new Mercedes S 500 Intelligent Drive drove for the first time along a route of over 100 kilometer, all by itself. During this milestone for Mercedes, the car manufacturer thought it fitting to take a historic route — the […]

IBM predicts heart failure using Big Data

IBM thinks that in the future it will be able to predict heart failure through Big Data analytics. In the United States, heart failure is a very common and costly disease. People who suffer from this condition often die within five years after having been diagnosed with it. In 2009, IBM joined forces with health […]

Fitbit Force now officially announced

As we predicted last week, the Fitbit Force is on its way. Today, the successor to the Fitbit Flex was officially announced. The new fitness tracker features two important additions: an OLED display and an altitude meter. Its display allows users to call up more information than ever before. For instance, you can directly check […]

Amiigo: the youngest player in the wearable market

The market for wearables continues to grow. Approximately a year ago, we already wrote about the Amiigo, the latest fitness wristband on the market. Back then, the crowdfunding project still had to begin, but its inventors have already attracted funding (a cool 580,710 dollars) and taken the first wristbands into production! The Amiigo consists of […]

Radiate Athletics: sportswear that provides immediate feedback on your effort

Radiate Athletics is a true Kickstarter success story, making it a perfect pick for FundRush. Although the original target was set at only 30,000 dollars, this crowdfunding project managed to attract almost 579,600 dollars! Radiate Athletics is a designer of sportswear. Not regular sportswear, that is, but shirts that respond to your body temperature. The […]

Record-breaking sports watch Bia still does not see production

We recently published an overview of the 10 most successful crowd-funding projects. Number five in this list was the Bia women’s sports watch, which managed to attract over 408,160 dollars in financing through a Kickstarter campaign. The Bia is especially designed for small wrists. The wristband can be pulled very tight so that it will […]